Dhoms Kitchen specialises in traditional Thai home cooking as well as some street food favourites.


The proprietors, ‘Dhom’ Chotipimai and Spencer Willmott, are committed to using as much local produce as possible. Through their time at the Noosa Farmers Market they have established valuable relationships with many of the producers at the market. They have also established a small market garden to supply their restaurant with fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits.


At Dhoms Kitchen all the curry pastes, sauces and marinades are hand made on the premises. A range of frozen curry sauces, curries and delicious snacks are available for sale from the restaurant. 


An ongoing interest in Thai food history and techniques involves Dhom and Spencer travelling to Thailand each year to document traditional cuisine and collect material to add to their ever-growing culinary library. They also organise culinary tours to Thailand. 


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